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Buying prescription eyeglasses from online vendors!

We may all know that buying prescription eyeglasses online can save you a lot of money, this retailing mode is especially successful for many vendors to make much profit from the internet. The price is very cheap, and the purchasing procedure is simple and convenient, some vendors even provide buy-one-get-one-free bargains. Actually, they can discount substantially from expensive titanium prescription eyeglasses frames to fashionable and brands ones by Ray Ban, Gucci, Prada .etc. the reason why online sites can discount so much is because they needn’t to pay the bill for the overhead of mall shops or stores in high-end shopping districts.

When your latest Rx is tested, any optometrist or optician can provide your prescription eyeglasses. Actually, majority of your expense is based on the brands of your glasses, the initial cost of the whole eyeglasses is just the frame and the two lenses. So, there will be little profit if the venders sell you just the unbranded glasses, however, that would happen in your local eyeglasses stores, not for the online sites, which may save you at least 30% or more off. Eye wears such as sunglasses, polarized and photochromic eyeglasses are all available at the reasonable price. You just need to type some keys words and famous brands which you love best about these glasses at Google or Yahoo, you will find that the brands you have ever know is a mere fraction of their suggested retail!

However, everything has it its two sides, buying prescription eyeglasses online also has disadvantages, many customers unsatisfied with the online merchants’ inconvenience of mail exchange, though the selling mode is fair and reputable. But how can we find another way that is more effective that this method? What we need to do is making this mode securer and more trustworthy, and never try to do any business with those vendors who cannot provide you the customer service or even a phone number. Many people may feel regret with the eyeglasses frame which was delivered to him or her after the ordering, as it looks quite different from the picture on the website! At this situation, I really suggest you can try on a pair of satisfied prescription eyeglasses at a local optometrist, and then write down the product number and style name for ordering later online, it will take less adventure of getting a pair of bad looking eyeglasses frame!