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Designer Eyeglasses Information and Tips

Designer eyeglasses refer to eyeglasses that are manufactured by the fashion houses. When shopping for designer eyeglasses, you should shop at different stores so that you will not be limited to a small selection. You can shop for designer eyeglasses at the online stores and department stores. To get cheap and high quality eyeglasses, you should shop at the online store. Designer eyeglasses are more costly because of the extra embellishments. Examples of embellishments that are included in designer eyeglasses are jewels, inlays and etc. Besides, designer eyeglasses frames have unique patterns. The logo of the manufacturer is etched on the high end frame. If you want to buy designer eyeglasses, you have to set aside a budget. There are many top brands which you can choose from. Branded designer glasses are advertised at the boutiques and department stores.

The five top branded designer eyeglasses manufacturers are Calvin Klein, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, JLO, and Shanghai Tang. Calvin Klein designer eyeglasses cost in between $50 – $80. Most of the Calvin Klein designer eyeglasses have aviator styles. Calvin Klein eyeglasses frames can be with or without rim. Chanel manufactures designer eyeglasses under several brand names including Havana. Havana eyeglasses frames are made from plastic and have brown gradient colors. Giorgio Armani eyeglasses cost in between $120- $250. JLO eyeglasses offer women style eyeglasses that are trendy. It is for sale at the store for under $100. Shanghai Tang sunglasses cost between $100 to a few thousands dollars. There are also other branded designer eyeglasses including Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Fendi, Bebe and Jil Sander.

If you want to buy eyeglasses, you need to have a prescription. A prescription is a paper which gives you information about the power of your left and right eyes. You have to visit your local optician to obtain a prescription. You should also get the papillary distance measurement from the optometrist. Some optometrists will help you to measure the papillary distance while others don’t. It is best that you let a professional optometrist measure the papillary distance for you. The fee for measuring the papillary distance is small and not expensive at all. If you want to measure the papillary distance, you have to prepare a ruler. The ruler should have at least 15 cm of length. You should place the ruler in between the center of your papillary. After you have measured the papillary distance, you should record it on a piece of paper.