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Eyeglasses online, Your New Year Gift

At the beginning of this month, I purchased a pair of plastic prescription glasses for my brother from an online prescription glasses store. Yesterday afternoon, I got my prescription glasses delivered right to my home. And as I may say, they were fabulous.

I bought this pair of prescription glasses because I wanted to give it to older brother, who had gone to college this year as a Christmas gift. As far as my purse was concerned, I couldn’t afford something too expensive. But still, I wanted to present my brother an adorable and sweet New Year gift. I thought prescription glasses were the perfect gift for my brother considering his poor eyesight, so I went to the local optical stores to pick one pair. But the marked price daunted me. The prices of the prescription glasses, be it plastic, metal, rim, or rimless glasses, were so high that they were far beyond my reach. For an ordinary pair of plastic prescription eyeglasses, they charged me $134. That was too much.

Then I turned to the online stores. I firstly searched the pair of plastic prescription glasses I had seen in the local retailers, and to my surprise, the online price offered by the online stores was much cheaper. Only $28 and the lenses for free. Fortunately enough for me, I found an online professional prescription glasses store, who was holding a promotion activity on prescription eyeglasses. No time to lose. I placed the order immediately. And now, three days before Christmas, I got my glasses, just the right time for Christmas gift preparation.

I opened the box and saw the wonderful prescription glasses. They were just the same with what I had seen on the computer screen. A rimless frame design gave it the sense of style and simple, while the color dark blue made it more attractive and fashionable. The wide temples made the prescription glasses more wearer-friendly. Besides, along with the glasses, I also received free cleaning cloth, anti-scratch coating and UV ray protection! That’s what I had too to pay in a local optical store.

This is a perfect New Year gift for my brother and I’m sure he will like the stylish and comfortable prescription glasses. So if you are planning to buy prescription glasses online, don’t hesitate to choose, they will provide you with good quality prescription glasses at rather low prices.