Mens Eyeglasses

Only prescription glasses? Of course not

It is December now. After all, Christmas Day is coming. I have been expecting for this huge festival for the first eleven months. Mother is not happy because this month will cost all her money and time and energy like the 10 Decembers after she gave birth to me. However, I am happy and I don’t need worry about all those stuffs. I will get lots of gifts and kisses. Father Christmas will finally came into my bedroom and bring me my gifts, though it is actually mum or dad who plays like him. But who cares? I, no matter what happens, will get my things. The only thing that I need to pay attention to is not annoying mum any time during this month or I will suffer a lot from her bad temper.

Maybe you now believe that I will no longer worry about things around me. Then you are wrong. I am worrying about my eyesight. Mum told me god is punishing me because I am too naughty, so my eyesight is not that good. I cannot see things clearly if they are not close enough. Mum said yesterday that she would perhaps give me a pair of prescription glasses for the Christmas. Now I am sure I will get it, even if I don’t like an extra burden on my nose. But standing on the other point, since I must get a pair of glasses, why don’t I choose it myself? I talked to mum and she responded me happily. So sitting beside her, I picked out my cup of tea. Actually I think most of the glasses in that online shop are nice. I told mum about that and she asked me to take that down so that we can still search this shop next time if I want to change my glasses or maybe I break the first pair. So here it is, Mum seems to be very satisfied with that pair of glasses, thus I guess it is not expensive. Anyhow, I like it, too, and I chose it. Now I am considering what grandpa will give me as a gift. I don’t want glasses now. hope he will give me a scooter. Cool. Mum is shouting. I have to go to bed now.

So, this is my boy’s diary. Don’t get mad. It is none of his privacy. What I want to add is that that shop is really good. I strongly recommend it to you. PS. I will buy my little boy a scooter.