Mens Eyeglasses

Remedial prescription sunglasses for eye disorders

Sunglasses often make a fashion statement and just because one has to wear prescription glasses do not mean that it is not possible to have stylish sunglasses. These are prescription sunglasses which are made to order for those who have eye disorders and need to wear powered lenses to be able to see properly and have a clear vision. The sunglasses will have the power which has been recommended by the optician with tinted lenses. This makes it possible to have a pair of trendy frames which also gives the wearer the comfort of being able to see properly.

Certain people require bifocals which mean that they need powered lenses to see both distant as well as close things. Even these types of lenses are available for prescription sunglasses which make it really convenient for people with vision defects to wear glares to protect their eyes from sunlight. Prescription sunglasses do not just help with a clear vision but also protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays. Another kind of sunglasses which protect the eyes from severe glare which is reflected off open roads, snow or water is the polarized sunglasses which are also prescription glasses.

With people becoming more conscious of fashion and style and also comfort where vision is concerned the number of prescription sunglasses in demand has increased. What are really popular are the photo chromatic prescription sunglasses as these serve both purposes of protecting the eyes when it is bright daylight and also for use to see well and enhance the vision. This way one does not need separate spectacles for viewing things and another pair of prescription sunglasses as a protection from sunlight.

Until very recently prescription sun glasses were not being made in the wrap around style as the vision was distorted with this style, however, now these are available but not with as much curvature as the ones which do not have power have. Leading manufacturers of eyewear have started making fancy glasses to suit the wearer’s style as everyone wants to be trendy and stylish. The lenses for these glasses are made wither of polycarbonate, plastic or glass. However, glass is the best material for prescription glasses. Now even computer glasses are available as prescription sunglasses. These help the person to view both the computer as well as the keyboard without having to tilt the head. Another type of lens which are especially designed for people who have a defect with their vision because of the eye losing its ability to focus as a result of aging, and because the lens loses its elasticity is the polarized one which is progressive.