Mens Eyeglasses

Show your charm by wearing fashionable mens eyeglasses

Last Monday my boyfriend showed up with a new pair of men’s prescription glasses and he looked rather charming and amazing with that stylish eyeglasses. His appearance gave a different feeling with the new eyeglasses: his face seems to be longer and his complexion looked fairer, and the most wonderful thing was that his eyes looked bigger and deeper. I was so attracted by his new handsome look that I hardly believed that he is my boyfriend.

It seems unbelievable that a pair of eyeglasses could have made such a breath-taking change. By a closer observation, I found out that the eyeglasses were specially designed. The frame was in a full rim one, which was neither too up-to-date nor old-fashioned and also gave a protection to the lenses to the largest extend. The frame arms were simply yet elegantly presented so that they won’t be over eye-catching. As for the color, they were a perfect combination of dark blue and black. Blue, the color of the sea and the sky, gave the eyeglasses a feeling of profoundness and quietness. Black may belong to the cold color, but it looked great as a background color for the carefully matched eyeglasses. Also as the eyeglasses are made of plastic, they did not look dull but rather fashionable.

The eyeglasses looked so stylish that I want a pair for myself. So I asked my boyfriend where he had got them. He then told me that he ordered them form an online optical stores and showed me the website. We visited the online eyeglasses shop and there were so many wonderful eyeglasses listed there under different catalogues that I was unable to make a quick decision. What’s more amazing was the price. The first time I saw my boyfriend’s eyeglasses, I was expecting something more than 100 dollars. But it turned out that they only cost him less than $40. And his eyeglasses were no exceptions; almost all the eyeglasses in the store are far cheaper than those in real optical stores.

I was so excited that I bought one pair immediately that afternoon. And I was thinking of buying a second pair from the professional online prescription glasses store . You cannot miss this store if you are also planning men’s or other kinds of eyeglasses.